Sandra Silberzweig


"Fire Goddess"

Artwork by:
Sandra Silberzweig

  • CABE is honored to recognize visual artist Sandra Silberzweig as the CABE 2022 artist. “Art is Healing…Healing is an Art” Sandra Silberzweig was born and raised in Toronto, Canada in the 1960s and divides her time between Toronto and the Niagara Wine Region area. She is a contemporary painter of Visionary Outsider Art and has been painting all her life. University educated in the Arts, but self-taught in painting, Silberzweig has explored the many facets of the Fine Arts industry. 
  • She has been involved in teaching art and writing about it, and selling her art online and at galleries locally and internationally. Silberzweig’s artistic style reflects her lifelong struggle with many various forms of synesthesia, a condition which can be debilitating at times due to its involuntary sensory overload. It is a neurological phenomenon, and still remains a complex and mysterious disorder. Ironically, this condition formed the basis of her creativity, thus allowing the viewer a unique glimpse into her labyrinthine world of layered visions and intensely colorful dreams. She is inspired by primitive figurative images, sacred powerful goddesses and animals, and both tribal and spiritual symbolism, which form the basis of her subjects. “When you are a synesthesia goddess, your daydreams are always in color. I am a synesthesia goddess. I have no fear of color. It lives in my soul, dances in my heart. Spills out of my fingers flowing down a canvas. I can see your aura. Taste the color black. Feel the chill of the green wind. Smell blue butterflies. Hear the yellow rain. Life is never boring when inspiration is always around.” Silberzweig continues to research the state of synesthesia. 
  • Her goal is to educate others, especially children who might not recognize that they possess this extraordinary gift of inner vision and another sense. Some educators may confuse the child’s perception as a learning disability or claim they have an overactive imagination. As a result, these labels could hinder the student’s confidence and self-image. “Art is processed in my mind’s eye, then experienced on all sensory levels: sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste. This is the way art is communicated to me, appearing somewhat psychedelic, in a dreamlike state, entering my aura or personal space in images on different levels in space, or physical sensations like gentle flutters or a bumpy car ride. The objective is to have fun and experience another way of sensing the world around you.” She remains a favorite among teachers and educators who have taught and lectured about her artistic style to their students.

You can visit Sandra’s website at: https://www.sandrasilberzweig.com/